Why Would I Transfer from Globe Tattoo to Smart Bro? -Part 1

I had this bad experience with Globe tattoo plug-it internet connection. Last week, I saw a billboard advertising Globe Tattoo’s latest promo: One Day Unlimited Internet Surfing for 50 pesos! At first glance, I found it very interesting. The reason is that one day unlimited surfing fits my internet usage. I think that one month unlimited internet is way beyond my needs. One day unlimited is just enough especially since I just use internet during weekends.

With high level of excitement, last weekend, I loaded my Globe Tattoo with 60 pesos. When I tried registering, by typing SUPERSUF50 and then sending it to 888, I always receive a message saying that my request cannot be entertained for the moment and they requested me to try again later. I tried again several times and I got the same reply. I decided then to stop registering and let an hour pass before trying again.

Two hours have already passed before I tried to register again. This time though, after sending the key message, I didn’t receive any reply. I thought then that maybe my request has been granted and the system just failed to confirm my registration. To verify my assumption, I checked my balance. And to my disappointment, my balance is the same. I wasn’t able to register. I tried again and again but no reply message came in. My balance is still the same so my registration effort was futile. Since I really need to be online that time, I decided to consume my load and just try again the next day.

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  1. Globe tattoo supersurf?, ewww!, that sucks. Supersurf, unlimited internet browsing daw, but with limited 8OOmb, before it was 1GB, then became 8OOmb, next 6OOmb, 400mb,200mb then ZERO MB. Five days unlimited surfing daw, but actually 4 hrs limited net surfing only. To GLOBE MANAGEMENT : Stop saying it's an unlimited supersurf when you have limited access. Parang niloloko nyo lang naman kaming mga costumers nyo eh. And then if we call the 211 globe tattoo service, pinagpapasahan na kong saan-saang costumer representative dahil hindi masagot ang mga tanong ko. DAMN IT, YOU GUYS REALLY SUCKS.


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