Have You Said "Thank You!" to Your Teachers?

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"Be proud, you're a teacher, the future depends on you!" That's the slogan I frequently see posted on the roof of public schools when I was still studying more than a decade ago. That time, the statement was meaningless to me for I am just an ordinary schoolboy to which every beginning of school year was marked with trembling knees because of my annual fear: a new teacher.

But now that I'm already a grown-up individual, had already finished my studies and is now working on a profession I chose. When I look back and recall those words though, I now see it in a different light. It make sense. Yes to most of us, teachers played or will play a crucial role in our life. They were our second set of parents. Our teachers were frequently among the primary source of our understanding about our world. They were among the first ones to inspire us and help us discover and improve our abilities.

I can still remember the names of my favorite teachers back then. I remember my science teacher when I was at Grade 5 (elementary). She was so good in teaching Science and it's probably her who really shaped my interest in that topic which eventually lead me to take up an engineering course a five years later. I also remember my teachers who may not have shaped my technical interests but in some way shaped me to be a better individual. They were equally deserving of sincere gratitude.

Teaching is not just about sharing what you know. It's way deeper than that. Teachers share their life with us as if they are adopting us as their own children helping us to reach the best that we can be. Of course, not all teachers are like that. But speaking in general, teaching is a noble profession, if not the most noble profession there is.

An Opportunity to Say Thank You To Our Teachers

This October 5, 2011 will be the World Teachers' Day but before that day comes, the Department of Education (DepEd) launched the annual Teachers' Month this September 2011. This years' campaign is focused on encouraging everybody to say "thank you" to our teachers. And we have lots of reasons for doing so.

For me though, I cannot personally say thank you to my teachers because of several constraints. I guess, this article is my only way to say thank you to all my teachers.