Make Terminal Fee Refundable

Streamlined check-in process. Saves time. We only hear of the advantages of integrating terminal fees to ticket price. But have you ever thought of the flip side of this move? Have you ever tried booking a promo fare which is non-refundable and then cancel your flight? The ticket price is non-refundable but should the terminal fee be the same?

SilkAir Airbus A320 op Davao International Air...

Basically, the terminal fee (200 Pesos for Manila, Cebu and Davao domestic and 550 Pesos for international) is used to maintain the airport terminal facility. But if you cancelled your non-refundable flight and you didn't even go to the airport, should you still pay the terminal fee? You know the logical answer. So to make matters fair and logical, make the terminal fee refundable. The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) should mandate the airline companies to refund terminal fees to their customers who didn't take their flight.

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