Hiking at Kawasan Falls in Cebu

I told you a couple of posts back that I would talk about places you might want to visit if you are a nature lover. Most nature lovers likes looking at animals or nice views, taking hikes and go swimming on natural springs.

Well if you are a nature lover, Cebu  also has a lot to offer for you. Cebu has some hiking trails that are easy enough for beginners and some that are not so easy.

One such hiking trail is that which could be found in Busay, Mt. Manunggal. The trail is easy enough for first time mountain hikers and the view is nice from the top and the temperature is very cold, specially at night.

Another trail that i have heard about is Osmena Peak. This mountain trail, I believe, is in Badian, Cebu. This trail is a bit more difficult but also more rewarding if you get your directions right. Why? Because this mountain trail will lead you to the most beautiful waterfalls here in Cebu, The Kawasan Falls. I've been there a few times already and I could say, the place is really beautiful.  This place has a series of waterfalls, maybe around five or six coming from high up the mountain going down to the lowest yet tallest one.

As a good news for those who does not like hiking that much but likes cool cascading waters, hiking through Osmena Peak is not the only way to get to Kawasan Falls. You can take the bus or hire a van that would take you to Kawasan Falls in Badian. However, in order to reach the falls, you need to hike a little, maybe 15 to 30 minutes hike depending on how fast you walk. There is also the matter of the 10 pesos entrance fee. Cheap, right? But I assure you, the scene is really breathtaking and waters really enticing.
Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

The Famous Kawasan Falls

Kawasan has three main falls that you can go to if you are strong enough and patient enough to go up to the source. The source is really beautiful and the water is really clear. However, to get to the source you need to climb up the mountain trails following the trail of the falls. It's maybe around 30  to 45 minutes up hill hike. You need to be careful when going up or going back down because some paths are slippery.

On the first and second bigger falls (if you are coming from the easy way) there are picnic tables, life vests, life savers, and rafts that you can rent. You can also have them cook you a native chicken soup for around 250  to 300 pesos. The tables cost around 150-300 pesos depending on how big your table preference is. The life savers and the life vest rental cost around 50 to 100 pesos. The raft will take you under the falls and let you enjoy the feeling of cascading waters falling on you without the fear of getting drowned and can be rented at 300 pesos for 30 minutes. The main source of the falls which is at the topmost part has some picnic tables that also can be rented at the same price as those of the first two falls.

Other Information

As I have said earlier, you could ask the stores around the area to cook you native chicken soup for a fee. You cold also bring your own food and just rent the tables. Grills are also available for those who want to bring their own meat to be grilled. Drinks can be brought at the stores but you can bring your own to if you want. If you are worrying about having to walk a few minutes while carrying heavy loads, there are porters waiting at the entrance to help you carry your things for a fee.

Kawasan Falls is great place to enjoy for the whole family and for friends.


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