Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nope, I'm not gonna tell the story or even the synopsis of the movie. But yes, the movie is a great watch. For those who love action, this movie is for you. For those who love twists, this movie is definitely for you. For those who wants increased level of adrenaline, this movie is made for you.

I tried to watch the first movie of this series Captain America: The First Avenger shown in 2011. But after a few minutes, I got bored. So I had apprehensions in watching the sequel.

Last week though, my friend told me that the action was so cool and that there are twists and turns in the plot. I love action, and of course twists but still didn't erase my fear that I might get bored and sleep in the cinema. But I decided to watch with friends anyway. And that's it. Though at the beginning, there's a portion that I thought was boring, but for the rest of the movie, it was full blast of action and twists. Definitely worth the money.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
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Here's the trailer.

Should You Watch the First Avenger?

If you can, please do so that you would understand why he looked so old school and super conservative. But if you don't have time, you can just go to our friend Wikipedia and quickly read the plot. That would provide probably 90% of what you need to appreciate the sequel.

Not sure how long it would be showing in theaters. Although you can always watch it in DVD, but big screen is big screen and this movie is definitely perfect for big screen.

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