FREE Online Seat Selection on PAL Domestic Flights

I'm not really sure why PAL is having this promo, but yes, it was interesting. Starting today until June 30, you can select your seats for FREE on all their domestic flights using their online seat selector while booking your tickets. Here's the promo poster from Facebook.

Note: I'm also not sure if that promo covers their affiliate PAL express flights.

Aisle or Window Seat?

Since we're talking about flight seats, which one do you prefer? Window or Aisle. For some people, like me, they prefer the Window seat, for the most part because of the view. Others though prefer the aisle because of convenience in going to the Lavatory. And the most unloved seat are those in between. :-)

How about you, what do you prefer?

Why Open the Window While Taking Off or Landing?

It's been a mystery to me why the cabin crew asks the passengers to open all windows up when either landing or taking off. Then I read an article that talks about mysterious flight requirements like that. As explained in that article, the crew needs to see the outside condition whether there is fire or smoke. For me that makes sense.

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