Lantaw Busay - Experience Fun Dining High Up Above Cebu

Remember my article about Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu? Well, because of the success of that floating restaurant, the owner built another one with a common theme - a beautiful view while eating carefully prepared native Filipino cuisines. The new branch though is not floating in a shore but sits on top of the mountain. Here are some information about that new restaurant.

lantaw native restaurant busay
Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busai

Traveling to the Mountains

The new Lantaw restaurant is located in Busay, a high place in Cebu. If you are familiar with Mountain View park, Lantaw is just beside it. Traveling to the place requires you to either have a car or a ride on a taxi from JY Square, Lahug to Busay. But because of the elevation, distance and passenger availability upon return, taxi drivers usually ask for more money in addition to the metered rate. 

View Lantaw Native Restaurant in a larger map

Another option is to ride a single motorcycle (locally termed as "habal-habal"). This is the regular means of transportation for the locals living up there. The fare is just 50 pesos. For a group of two or three adults, this is probably the cheapest option.

The View or "Lantaw"

As explained in the Lantaw Cordova article, the local word "Lantaw" means "View". And truly, the view up there is breath-taking. You will see the entire Cebu City, Mandaue, and Mactan Island.

Here's a picture of the view at around five o'clock in the afternoon.
overlooking view cebu lantaw busay
Late afternoon view in Lantaw, Busai

lantaw busay view
Fun dining with overlooking view in Lantaw Busay

As you can see the entire restaurant was designed to give their guests the best view while eating.

As the afternoon falls to dusk, and the dusk fades into the night, the glimmering light from the progressive city gets brighter and more beautiful - shining, shimmering splendid of city lights.

overlooking city view Lantaw Busay

The Food

The menu is just the same as that of Lantaw Cordova. They offer variety of native cuisines like crispy pata, fried noodle, calamares, chopsui, sizzling sisig, sinigang, fried fish, and kare-kare. That's all that I remembered in their menu list. The cost of food is at par with that of the restaurants in the city so the price is not of real concern.

The food tasted great as far as a Filipino tongue is concerned, but I think even Western and other Asian people will also appreciate it. Couple that with the stunning view and the experience is perfect.
Lantaw dining hall
The dining hall of Lantaw Busay

Going Down to the City

I asked one of the waiters about how to go down to the city. He told me that aside from single motorcycle, they can call a taxi to pick their customers up. Of course, the taxi will charge more or double.

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