My Wallet Lost For 2 Days was Found! - 3 Lessons I Learned

As noted in the previous article, I lost my wallet containing 3 credit cards (2 are active) and  3 ATM Cards (including my payroll account). Turned out that my hunch is correct: it fell in van I took as I traveled from Cebu City to Mactan Island.

Two days later, I received a message via Facebook saying that my wallet was found by certain Bernie Kabusaw. Mr Kabusaw is a driver a GT Express van and the message advised me to meet him either in SM City Cebu or Gaisano Island Mall in Lapu Lapu City. Upon learning all of this, I immediately went ahead to meet him in Lapu-Lapu City.

When I approached him and introduced myself, he asked some verification questions such as how much money is inside. I also showed my company ID. Satisfied with my answers, he gave me back my wallet.

Here's our photo:
Me on the left and Mr. Bernie on the right.

3 Lessons I've Learned

1. There are still good people.
This man could've have kept my wallet or at least not make an effort to reach me. While I always think that there are still good people out there but actually experiencing kindness of this level is profound. 
My wallet contains small cash, and a few ATM cards. Nonetheless, this unselfish act is beautiful. To Mr. Bernie Kabusaw, your act of kindness is a great example for humanity.

2. Leave A Phone Number in Your Wallet to Make it Easier to Contact You
Leave a calling card or a piece of paper containing information on how to contact you will be a great help in times like this. It took Kuya Bernie two days to find me because he didn't find any phone number in my wallet. He even had ask one of his coworkers to find me in Facebook.

3. Using Your Real Name in Social Media Works
If I had my Facebook profile under fictitious names such as "Ako si Gwapo" or "Soz Cial", the chances of having my wallet back would dramatically be reduced. Some, however, are concerned about their privacy that's why they changed their names in this way. But come on, this is social network and it's meant for sharing stuffs not complete privacy or anonymity. There are also lots of tools available to relatively protect your privacy while staying accessible to others outside your circle of friends. 


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