Lantaw Busay - Experience Fun Dining Plus Spectacular View

The view is breathtaking! And the view is well complemented by the food. With reasonable price and friendly staff, you definitely should try this restaurant. This restaurant -Lantaw has three branches at the time of writing. One in Day-as Cordova, the other one was in South Road Properties, a reclaimed area in the coast of Cebu and one in Busay, an elevated portion of the city. In my opinion, the one in Busay offers the most spectacular view as shown in the picture below.

For both local and international tourists, this place is a must-see. Here's some information.

The view from Lantaw Busay Filipino Restaurant

How to Get There?

Car or taxi is typically the way to get there.

Because of the location and the uncertainty that the driver will pick a passenger in return, he may charge double the metered fare. Better discuss this with the driver before pushing through. Nowadays, GrabCar and Uber are also very good options.

From JY Square Mall, the trip will take you around 20 minutes.

For more adventurous individuals, riding at the back of a motorbike locally know as haba-habal is a good option. Habal-Habal is the cheapest option costing from 50 to 100 Pesos. I don't recommend this for it has considerable safety risks.

View Lantaw Native Restaurant in a larger map

Filipino Foods

The menu is just the same as that of Lantaw Cordova. They offer variety of native cuisines like crispy pata, fried noodle, calamares, chopsue, sizzling sisig, sinigang, fried fish, and kare-kare. That's all that I remembered in their menu list. The cost of food is at par with that of the restaurants in the city so the price is not of real concern.

The food tasted great as far as a Filipino tongue is concerned, but I think even Western and other Asian people will also appreciate it. Couple that with the stunning view and the experience is no less than perfect.
Dining Hall of Lantaw Busay

Going Down to the City

I asked one of the waiters about how to go down to the city. He told me that aside from single motorcycle, they can call a taxi to pick their customers up. Of course, the taxi will charge more or double as explained above.


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