I Lost My Wallet - 3 Things I Immediately Did!

The horror in my face is indescribable. My friend told me he can't find his wallet. Since our wallets are of the same looks, I jokingly told him that I may have unintentionally kept it in my bag. So I began looking at my bag. I didn't find his wallet...and mine. I searched the entire house and asked people I've been with but to no avail. I conceded...I lost my wallet. My friend found his wallet.

My lost wallet.

What's in my wallet?

Not much cash. I think I have around 700 Pesos cash. Then I have 2 active Credit Cards and 3 ATM/Debit Carts. I also have 2 Health Cards, and one government ID card.

So what did I do upon realizing I lost it.

1. Blocked my credit cards.

This is probably the first thing you should do once you are convinced that you really lost your wallet with credit cards inside. Credit cards can easily be swiped by anyone. While some merchants would ask for an ID or check the signature, many don't do such security measures. 

How to contact your credit card company? Well, the fastest would probably be through telephone. And for those outside Manila, toll-free numbers can readily be called on a regular landline. You can also do email or live chat (it available).

For those who haven't lost their wallets yet, now is the time to know what to do in case this tragedy befalls you. And I'll tell you, even the most careful person can lose a wallet.

The credit card companies are very quick in responding to reports of lost or stolen cards. They immediately offered to replace my cards as soon as possible. One credit card company promised 3 to 7 banking days. 

Credit card replacement comes at a fee but depending on your status as a customer, you can request them to waive it.

The time that elapsed between the time I last saw my wallet and the time I realized it's gone is about 15 hours. That is enough time to do fraudulent transactions. Fortunately, no such transactions happened.

2. Drained all my ATMs

You may ask: Why not block the ATMs as well? Well, it boils down to me hoping that some kind honest-hearted person will return my wallet. 

While my ATMs can be swiped in purchasing items, I can manage the risk by emptying them of their funds. Way before this tragedy happened, I already set-up my account in a way that I can easily move money and transfer it to my trusted friends and family members. That set-up turned out to be wise. Using online facilities, I emptied my ATM cards of funds and transferred the money to safe havens.

Why not just replace the ATMs like the credit cards? It can be done but it's more complicated than credit card. For one thing I need to have an affidavit of loss before the bank issues a replacement card.

3. Moved On

The loss of my wallet is tragic considering the hassle it brought to me. But to be honest, it's a learning experience. Analyzing what happened and why I ended up losing my wallet will surely help me to prevent similar cases in the future. I also told my story to my friends and they learned something new as well.