JobStreet Warns Users Against Job Scammers

Pie chart of population distribution throughou...                                  Image via Wikipedia, the largest job portal in South East Asia warned its users against scam job offers circulating in the internet. In the email send by to its users, JobStreet warns that there is an increase in job scams recently. Here's the modus operandi or the method used by these crooks to catch unsuspecting victims is similar to the one below.

- These scammers pretends to be legitimate multinational corporations looking for applicants.
- They will contact you via email and will tell you that you have qualified to an interview abroad.
- Since going abroad will be a cost applicants, the scammers will say that the company will 'sponsor' everything.
- But before getting all that freebies, the applicant has to give an amount of at least 100 dollars that is fully refundable.
- After the money has been paid, the applicant just realizes that everything is fraud.

JobStreet also provided sample emails of Job Scams.
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  1. Job hunters should be cognizant of these recruiters. If a suspicious company attempts to recruit, validate their services, or contact them.

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