Boracay Activities - Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Parasailing and More

Boracay, being a top tourist spot in the Philippines, is filled with fun activities that would ensure guests won't get bored. They have plenty of  both water and land sports activities you can do. Here is a list some of the most popular Boracay Activities.

SNORKELING. One of the most common activity in Boracay.

Island Hopping, Snorkeling and Helmet Diving
Island hopping is one of many Boracay activities that is a lot of fun. Small boats that can seat 5 to 10 people can be rented at around 4000 to 5000 pesos.  You just have to ask around the area or the receptionist of the hotel or resort you are staying at.

There are plenty of  islands you can visit around Boracay. If you are early enough and the weather is good, you can even go dolphin and/or whale watching. While island hopping, you can ask the boater to stop at some designated areas where you can go snorkeling. Snorkeling is really fun around the island of Boracay as the area is teeming with marine life that is very colorful and enticing. You can bring some bread with you while you are snorkeling so the fishes would come near you. Snorkeling equipment such as the goggles and the snorkel usually go with the boat rental (you should bargain with the boater for them) 0r if not, they can usually be rented at 100 Pesos. Also, while island hopping you can ask your boater to bring you to the boats that offers Helmet Diving. Helmet Diving is an activity where you can walk on the sand under the sea while wearing a helmet so you can breath for around 30 minutes. The helmet is quite heavy but since you are in the water, it wouldn't matter much. Under the water, the guides would give you pieces of bread so that you could attract the fishes and they would come close to you and you can feed them. During those times, the guide would take pictures of you feeding the fishes and might sometimes ask you to pose for the camera. Helmet diving costs around 500 to 1000 pesos depending on the number of persons that are going to helmet dive and the package usually includes the pictures under the water in soft copy.

Parasailing, Speed Boat, Jet Ski, and Banana Boat

One of the Boracay activities that is done within the vicinity of the coastlines is parasailing. It is an activity where you and a friend can go airborne while sitting on a seat that is attached to a parachute and is dragged by a speed boat to make the chute fly or float. This activity costs around 1500 to 2000 pesos per person.

Jet skis can also be rented at around 3000-3500 pesos for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Banana boat is a banana shaped floater that can seat from 8-12 people and is being dragged by a jet ski. The riders are all wearing life vests so the ride is safe and if the riders are adventurous enough, they can ask the driver to flip them over and make them fall in the water. It is more exciting that way. :) The ride costs around 2000 pesos for the whole banana boat and lasts about 15-30 minutes.

These are the Boracay activities you can do on the waters. But aside from water sports, there are other activities you can do that does not require getting wet. On my next post, I will tell you some of them.

Disclaimer: Prices are all approximates based on my last visit to Boracay, it may be lower or higher than what I indicated. 

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