BPI Trade Still Offline Tomorrow - May 19, 2014

Update: BPI Trade is back online Monday afternoon.

BPI Trade, the online stock trading service of BPI Capital notified their clients Sunday night that they will still be offline until Monday, May 19, 2014. This will be the second trading day that the service will be unavailable. During the weekend, the website is accessible but the stock positions as well as other information are not available.

To at least minimise the inconvenience, BPI Trade offers alternative ways to post orders.

1. Call them through these numbers: 816-9189, 816-9192 and 845-5617 (Manila)

2. For those who can't call, you can also post orders via email, bpitrade@bpi.com.ph
BPI Trade says that they will take manual orders as early as 7:30 AM tomorrow.

Offline for Four Days, BPI Trade Gets Brunt From Customers

BPI Trade's announcement Sunday sparked more anger from clients. The announcement mentioned that the website will be under "further maintenance". Some reasoned that 4 days of maintenance is not acceptable. Others speculated that BPI Trade is just covering up with "maintenance" a bigger problem such as a faulty system update. Others even demands that BPI Trade allow transfer of funds to other brokers, free of charge.

Every minute counts to stock traders. Stock prices can rise and fall significantly within a short period of time. Glitches like this can spell up to millions of pesos of loss. No wonder why BPI Trade, despite heavily apologising in their Twitter account and Facebook Page still received the brunt of angry customers.

BPI Trade Makeover

BPI Trade had a major makeover last year when it released a new version of their stock trading platform. Now, they closely resemble First Metro Sec, which like them, uses Technistock trading platform. They also improved in Research capabilities.

BPI is among the three most popular online trading platform in the country. The other two are Citisec Online (COL) and First Metro Securities.

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