Look For EEF When Buying Aircon and Refrigerators

Now that the weather is very hot in most part of the country, many people intends to buy air conditioners and refrigerators. But what factor do you consider when buying a particular model or brand?

Most people I know buy by the brand names. They prefer appliance brands they have grown up with. That's not necessarily bad. But have you ever considered looking at that yellow paper sticking in front of the displayed unit in the mall? I'm referring to the document containing the EEF or the Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF).

What is EEF?

I don't want to explain the science behind that number. It can be a little complicated but in a nutshell, EEF tells you how efficient your refrigerator is in using electricity to cool down your room (for an aircon) or freeze your food (refrigerator). Why is that important? Well, EEF directly affects your electricity bill. The more efficient the appliance is, the lesser the cost of its operation.

The higher the EEF, the better. For instance, my refrigerator's EEF is 275 and its relatively higher compared to other brands of the same price and style.

Appliances tends to become inefficient as they age (law of entropy). This is especially true with refrigerators and air-conditioners. So, sometimes, it will cost you more to keep your old appliance than buying a new and more efficient unit.

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