Bourne Legacy To Be Shown in the Philippines on SM Cinemas This August 8

Jeremy Renner arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards.
Bourne Legacy star Jeremy Renner
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Mark your calendars on August 8, 2012 because SM Cinema will start showing the film Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. The movie is expected to showcase action pack plot and amazing stunts. And the most exciting thing about this movie is the fact that many scenes in this movie were shot in Metro Manila and other parts of the country. On August, we will see Manila as represented by a Hollywood movie.

The Fourth Installment Bourne Movie Series
If you have watched the first three Bourne movies, you can easily relate to Bourne Legacy's plot. The first three was Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. All three starred Matt Damon. Based on the novel series by Robert Ludlum, it tells the story of a man named Jason Bourne who, after being saved by fisherman as he float unconsciously in the Mediterranean sea, found himself deprived of his memory. As the movie goes, he discovered himself to be an assassin. And not just an assassin, but a top assassin trained by the US government under a special program called Operation Treadstone. In the end of the third sequel, Bourne successfully exposed those behind the illegal assassin training program and he goes underground.

In this fourth installment, Jeremy Renner (the star in the Academy acclaimed movie Hurt Locker) will play the role of Aaron Cross, an assassin from the Operation Outcome, successor of the Operation Treadstone. The story tells how he will try to escape the threat of being assassinated as the CIA decided to shut down the Operation Outcome.

See you in the SM Cinemas then!
For me, it's not just about watching Manila as shown in a foreign film. I honestly like the plot of the first three Bourne movies. And I think I'm not alone. Experts-wise, the series received generally positive reviews. Income-wise, the Bourne series is a huge success. Well, I only saw the trailer and it doesn't tell me anything about the plot of the movie. That is why I will definitely watch Bourne Legacy this coming August! See you in theaters then!
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