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The Dark Knight Rises Beyond Expectation

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you watched the latest Batman movie? The last installment of Christopher Nolan's trilogy? Well, I'm not gonna spoil your excitement by telling the movie plot but I just want to say that if you're planning to watch the movie, well, do it fast and if you'll have the chance to watch it in an IMAX theater, it's not a waste of money. The movie lived up to what it promised: an epic conclusion to the Batman series starring Christian Bale as Batman himself.

Prepare to Watch The Dark Knight Rises
Before I watched the movie yesterday, I made sure that I prepared myself. Since this is the conclusion of the Batman trilogy, I decided to review the plot of the first two movies: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Thanks to Wikipedia for the free information.

Well, for those who haven't watched the first two installments, you really need to watch them to fully understand the story because the movie closes the unfinished businesses left out in the first two films. If you can't watch them, at least read the synopses. You can find a decent one in Wikipedia.

Batman and Catwoman
In the 2008 blockbuster movie Dark Knight, the superb performance of Heath Ledger playing the part of Joker, overshadowed the performance of Christian Bale and the attention of the audience is more focused on the sly moves of the villain instead of the protagonist himself. Well, in this movie, the Batman captured once again the screen, although the performance of the villain Bane is also well done.

And of course, Anne Hathaway's portrayal of the Selina Kyle, more commonly referred to as the Catwoman, deserves everybody's praise. She superbly portrayed the Catwoman's personality of  being in the fuzzy line between the enemy and friend of the Batman. In my humble opinion, Hathaway made herself as one of the most memorable version of the Catwoman in all Batman movies.

Darker Theme
Christopher Nolan's movie series made the Batman far far above a typical kid superhero story. He made the Batman a grown-up's superhero. Personally, I'm not a fan of Batman until this movie. The movie has a more mature and darker theme, even darker than the first two in the series.The gloom of the pending doom in the Gothan City will inspire fear and hopelessness to the movie watchers. You'll really feel it in your seat.

Well I guess, one thing that I can criticize about this movie is the voice of Bane.Because he has a mask, his dialog is painfully hard to understand. Especially because we Filipinos were not native English speakers, the masked voice makes his speech doubly harder to comprehend. But I guess, at some point, it need to be so to be able to portray Bane's ruthlessness and spur terror in the audience.

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a huge success! And I'll tell you: you will miss an opportunity of watching a great movie in big screen if you don't go to the cinemas and watch this. Mark my word. I still remember the  last time I went out of the cinema fully satisfied. It was the blockbuster movie Avatar (2009). Well, in the case of the Dark Knight Rises, I felt super satisfied but with a little regret that I didn't watched it in IMAX.


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