Pay Your Sun Cellular Bills Using BPI Express Online

I recently transferred from SMART to Sun Cellular as my mobile internet service provider. Although both companies are under the roof of PLDT, their services and processes are quite different. I would say though that SMART is more mature in terms of their processes. The same is true when it comes to customer services such as paying of bills.

Sun Cellular
Sun Cellular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to pay my SMART Bro through Unionbank Online. That was very convenient to me. It spared me the time going to and lining up in SMART Wireless Centers.

But after I transferred, I found out that Sun Cellular (a.k.a. Digitel Mobile) is not supported by Unionbank. Thankfully though, I found another bank that do so, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

In this article, I want to share how to set-up your BPI Express Online account to be able to pay your Sun Cellular Postpaid Bill.

BPI Express Online Bills Enrollment

Express Online is BPI's online banking facility that will enable you to do transactions using your internet connected device. To learn how to enroll your bank account to BPI Express Online, check the article below:

So here's the step in setting up your Sun Cellular bill.

1. Log-in to BPI Express Online.
2. In the menu bar, select Payments and Reloading >> Bills Payment >> Enroll All Other Bills

3. Fill up the form. In the Bill Information, look for Digiltel Mobile Phils Inc. (Suncel)

In the Reference Number, enter your 10-digit account number. Please take note that this is NOT your SIM Number. The account number can be found in your billing statement. 

Click Submit.
You will then receive an email confirming the enrollment of your account.

How to Pay Your Sun Cellular Postpaid Bill?

1. In the menu bar, go to  Payments and Reloading >> Bills Payment >>Pay Bills Today and then fill up the form.

Click Submit.
You will then receive an email confirming your transaction.

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  1. pwede po ibang account yung magbayad ng bills thru online? (e.g. bpi acct ko yung gagamitin pagbayad sa bills ng sister ko)

    1. Hi,
      You can do that. Just enroll the bill of your sister to your BPI express online account.

    2. Stupid question.

  2. Hi, have you tried paying overdue suncel bills using bpi online? Will that be accepted? Thank you.

    1. Nope. But of course, it will be accepted as long as your account in Sun Cellular is active.

  3. Hi, pwede ko po ba bayaran ang Credit card (under my name) From my savings account? How can i do that, any procedure/s?

    1. If your credit card is BPI, you can do it. if not, then you can't as of the moment.

    2. Citibank credit cards are also accepted. :)))

  4. Hi, may I ask how many days will the suncellular get my payment?
    And how can i prove sun cel that i paid thru bank? i'll just screen shot my confirmation number?
    and lastly, can I just pay the amount I wanted to pay, let's say i have P1,100 as my bill but i just want to pay P800 of it.

    Kindly answer all of my questions :)

    1. The floating period for all payments made online or through bank is three banking days.

    2. Yes you can screenshot, you can also take the e-mailed confirmation number and print it.

      You can pay less. :))

  5. Hi, Just want to ask, when I try to enroll "Digiltel Mobile Phils Inc. (Suncel)" on my account It said "CF4006 Merchant is already enrolled", but there is no Digiltel Mobile Phils Inc. (Suncel) on the list in my account. Is there any process that I missed? Please advise.


    1. it doesn't appear on the Main Account Page. It should appear in the Payment page (in the drop down)

  6. Hi, Just wanted to say massive thanks for this, the manual method can be tedious as they experience system downtime often and this is way more convenient for my gf. Massive thanks OP

  7. I've been looking for sun cell's merchant name, It't Digitel pla! Thanks a bunch! =)

  8. Hi! Thank you very much for this info.It really helped me a lot. =))

  9. Hi! This is very useful information, thank you very much!!!!

  10. Digital Mobile Phils is now missing from the options :'( can anybody help pls?


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