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3 Reasons Why I gave up my Adgitize Ads

Last week, I decided to remove all my Adgitize advertisements on all my blogs. I have three strong (in my personal viewpoint) reasons for doing so.

The first reason is that my Adgitize ads don’t earn much.

This is probably the least influencing factor among the three. Since I started to participate in this advertising program last December, I only earn just a few cents. ALL these earnings came from, not on ads itself but from the articles I posted during the month. Adgitize only gave me (I don’t know for other major, high-traffic blogs) 2 cents for every posted articles on my blog. I am fully aware that to earn from Adgitize you must do more like clicking on their ads to view other blogs. This is similar to the blog advertising program called “Entrecard”. You have to visit and “drop” on members’ websites to gain points which you can use to advertise your own blog.

The second reason is the server downtime last week.

Again, this is just a weak reason. It’s more like the icing on top of the cake. Last week or two, Adgitize ad servers were down and all the ads on my blog displayed an ugly message of “Domain Server Error”. I had skyscraper ads on the right portion of my blogs and it’s really an eyesore when Adgitize servers are down.

The third and most compelling reason: Adgitize may jeopardize my Adsense account.

Last week, I noticed that one of the displayed Adgitize advertisements on my blog is about Lottery. At first look, I didn’t give it an attention. Then after a day or two, it came to my mind the experience of one blogger. He posted an article on his blog that he got banned on Adsense because he had an advertisement relating to “gambling”. Fortunately, he managed to appeal and was granted reconsideration. But he did the appeal after REMOVING the ad service displaying stuffs related to gambling. You may argue that Lottery is not a form of gambling but many will agree that they are closely related.

Whether or not Lottery is a form of gambling and part of the violation of Adsense guidelines, I decided not to RISK my Adsense account. Aside from the fact that Adsense is the leading web advertising program today, I don’t want to have a conflict with any Google service. I am enjoying Blogger’s free blogging service, Gmails free email account, Analytics and many more. I don’t want to be unthankful by knowingly and deliberately violating the rules. Yes, I may have lost something big when I gave up my Adgitize ads, but I am pretty sure that it is the best thing to do.


It is NEVER the purpose of this blog to slander and discredit other people or organizations. The above mentioned statements were just pure opinion and personal decision of the author. I do not recommend you to do the same thing I did.


  1. Like many I am not thrilled with last week's server downtime but I'm sure Adgitize will compensate in some fashion. If you pay for advertising $14 the participate through writing blog posts and click 51 ads per day you will end up with a payback of about $16. It's not a huge payback but it results in free advertising and a bit of money ahead. When it comes to the lottery ad or any other ad you don't want shown simply reject it under the manage blog tab. That way you won't jeporadize your Adsense. I would be more concerned at how entrecard puts your Adsense at risk.

    My two concerns right now is the renew ad function is not working and the reject ad function isn't working right either. Hopefully that gets straightened out today as promised.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I will take that into consideration.


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