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As expected, the blockbuster 3D movie by James Cameron has knocked off Titanic on its last frontier record of 600.8 Million in the US box office. The last update (February 3) from the website Box Office Mojo shows Avatar's domestic earnings to be $603,789,348 making it the highest grossing film of all time in the United States. This is $3 Million away from the 1997 record made by the gigantic ship movie Titanic (also directed by James Cameron). Considering that Avatar is only on its seventh week of opening, the 3 million-gap is expected to further increase.

Oscar Domination

The release of the Oscar nominees earlier this week can be an additional fuel that would boost the movie’s earnings. It received a dominant, 9 nominations from the film Academy including best picture and best director. Way back in 1997 Titanic received a record of 14 nominations 11 of which were won. Titanic also stayed on the big screen for 10 months.
James Cameron, September 5, 2007Image via Wikipedia

According to movie analysts, the relatively higher earnings of Avatar can be attributed to its 3D nature. 3D and IMAX 3D screen tickets are considerably higher than ordinary 2D screen. Also, they pointed that the timing of the release of Avatar is good since no major movie openings are out in the market during that period.

Avatar’s release was welcomed with critical acclaim from numerous award-giving bodies and media analysts. The movie also dominated the internet topping the searches on major search engines. The strong “mouth to mouth” recommendation created a buzz that drives people to watch Avatar in theaters and movie houses.


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