Avatar and Lord of the Rings Interesting Similarities

You may see it weird to compare two movies six years apart. But comparing two great films may seem more reasonable, isn’t it? In this article, we will look at the similarities between two of the greatest movies of our time: Avatar and Lord of the Rings

1. Both movies are out of this world.

Avatar is in a distant star’s moon Pandora while Lord of the Rings is set in the world of Tolkien, the Middle Earth.

2. The main protagonists are both UNLIKELY to be a hero.

Jake Sully (Worthington) is a lame ex-marine while Frodo Baggins (Wood) is a Hobbit or a Halfling, a Middle earth creature no taller than 4 ft.

3. Both movies introduced invented languages.

Avatar features the Navi language while Lord of the Rings presents the Elvish language. The Navi language was created by Paul Frommer, a professor at the Marshall School of Business while the Elvish was J.R. R. Tolkien’s creation.

4. Both films ended with the coronation of a new king.

Jake Sully became the new tribe leader of the Navi tribe Omaticaya while Aragorn claim the throne of Gondor.

5. Both are lengthy films.

Avatar: 162 mins
Lord of the Rings: fellowship of the Ring: 178 mins
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: 179 mins
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: 201 mins
Looks like more time can make the movie better.

6. Both movies dominate the Oscar nominations.

 Avatar got 9 Oscar nominations.
 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won 11/11
 Fellowship of the Ring-4/13
 Two Towers – 2/6.

Let's see how Avatar will fare after the winners are announced this March 7.

Note: Return of the King on the other hand tied the record of Titanic and Ben- Hur for on all-time most Oscars won by a single film.

7. Both movies used performance capture technology.

For those who are not familiar with performance capture, it is a technology used to transfer body movements and facial expression of a real actor into an animated character. It uses computer generated imagery (cgi) technology.

Avatar used performance capture technology on the entire film for the Navi characters while Lord of the Rings used it for the character of Smiggle, the Gollum.

8. Both movies received no “acting” nominations on the Oscars.

Both movies received lots “technical” award nominations but both have no acting award nominations. It looks like the film academy is not fond of Fantasy/sci-fi movies.


  1. like neither Na'vi nor Klingon, as the future global language. Especially when you have to dress up for it :)

    We also need a future international language. One which is easy to learn, as well !

    And that's not English! Esperanto? Let's move forward :)

    At least Bill Shatner speaks Esperanto. Have a look at http://eurotalk.com/en/store/learn/esperanto or http://www.lernu.net

  2. Lord of the Rings was the film of the decade. Though I liked Avatar it was just a special effect movie with not much depth. And this was reflected by the Oscar wins that the films received. And inflation and 3d ticket prices blow the amount of money made way out of proportion. Avatars 15$ ticket, Rings was only 7.50$.

  3. agree...Lord of the Rings has a deeper story compared to Avatar!

  4. Yes, I agree. Plus, I see a lot of similarities between the Na'vi and the Elves (of the Lord of the Rings universe) such as their appearance, their love for nature, their deities, pointed ears, language, the lands (including the flora and fauna) and etc.


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