Avatar: Still on Top of US Box Office at its Seventh Week!

It looks like Avatar have an enormous supply of fuel that keeps it soaring high on top of the US Box office for seven straight weeks now. The epic blockbuster 3D movie directed by James Cameron earned another big amount last weekend with a total income of $30 Million. It’s just a small drop compared to its sixth week earning of $36 Million.

With an accumulated US domestic earning of $594,472,000, it is only a few million dollars away from shattering the last earning record of Titanic. The 1997 blockbuster movie, directed by James Cameron himself earned $ 600.8 Million in the US Box Office, the highest ever since 1997.
Earlier last week, Avatar shattered the worldwide record set by Titanic and was crowned as the new highest grossing film of all time. Even earlier than that, it knocked off the record of several major movies in the US history like Dark Knight and Star Wars.

Avatar’s seventh week earnings is apparently unscathed by major movie openings like Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson. The newly release movie received a generally positive reviews but failed to top the records on its opening week. It only earned $17,120,000, just over half of Avatar’s earning.

First $2 Billion Movie

Avatar also reached a new record by being the first non-franchise, non-sequel movie to gross over $2 Billion. According to Box Office Mojo, at the moment of the writing of this article, Avatar has already grossed $2,039,222,000 worldwide. By comparison, Titanic reached its record of $1.8 Billion after ten months of showing. Even though movie experts predicts that Avatar will not outlast Titanic’s 10-month longetivity in theaters, the fact that it already reached the $2 Billion in just one and a half month, we can say that the movie has a long way to go.

Avatar (2009 film)Image via Wikipedia

Emphasis on 3D

Avatar also increased the interest in 3D movies. Warner Brothers announced last week that it will release the final two Harry Potter movies in 3D. Also, the epic movie Clash of the Titans will be released in 3D.