Advertise on Facebook Using PayPal

Facebook has become another web giant, of course next only to Google in terms of web traffic. Recent data from reveals that Facebook already overtaken to be the second most viewed website in the United States. Yes, Facebook has grown from being a simple social networking website to an internet giant.

As an indication of its growing threat to search engines like Google and Yahoo, both search companies made several moves to incorporate social networking capabilities to their services. Google recently unveils its Google Buzz service while Yahoo had incorporated “twitter-like updates” to their infamous mail service. Even Microsoft incorporated Social Networking on its newest version of Outlook.

Advertisements on Facebook

With its increasing popularity on its estimated 400 Million users worldwide, Facebook has become an effective venue for advertisements. And yesterday, Facebook announced that it teamed up with PayPal for the payment of its advertisements. With this new development, more small companies around the world can avail the advertisement program of Facebook.

Not Only Ads

In addition to Facebook ads, you can now use PayPal to buy “virtual goods” that facebook offers such as gifts and other items.