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Mixed Reaction on Bourne Legacy: I'm Not Satisfied, Almost Disappointed

Jeremy Renner arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards.
Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in Bourne Legacy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A couple of days ago, I watched one of the most awaited movie in the country, the Bourne Legacy, the fourth installment of the Bourne movie series, all of which are based on Robert Ludlum;'s novel series bearing the same title. The film stars Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker) playing the role of Aaron Cross, a state assassin, Rachel Weisz (Constant Gardener) as Dr. Martha Shearing, a medical scientist and Edward Norton as Eric Byer, the primary antagonist.

Here's some of the things I want to say to those who haven't watched it yet and especially to those who are planning to watch it.

Warning: Before Watching Bourne Legacy, Watch Bourne 1, 2 & 3

Well, as mentioned, this is the fourth movie in the series. And although it tells the story of a new character Aaron Cross (Jason Bourne is the lead character in the previous three Bourne movies), the story is strongly connected to the previous three. The link is so strong that if you failed to watch the previous three Bourne movies, you'll end up scratching your head from the start until the end of because you likely will not understand the story.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the first three movies, here are the titles:
Bourne Identity (2002)
Bourne Supremacy (2004)
Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
- note: all three stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

If there's no chance of watching the first three, well at least read the plot in Wikipedia.

The Movie is Not Bad But Far from Great and I was Almost Disappointed

Let's face it. Most Filipinos who would watch this movie are very much eager to see Manila in a Hollywood movie. And I think, many will watch only for that sole reason. Well, in my case, I have two major reasons. One is that I want to see Manila and Philippine actors in a mainstream foreign movie. Second is that I am a fan of the Bourne Series. The first three movies is among my favorite action films of all time.

I have one common experience when I watched the first three. Each time the movie ends, it held me hanging for a few minutes trying to reminisce the scenes and the dialogs of the character and the message that the movie has just relayed. In short, the first three Bourne movies is thought-provoking.

Well, sadly, Bourne Legacy failed to do just that. Actually, what I felt is that, it ended abruptly, without any closure and without completing the message of the movie. For that and my huge expectation of this movie, I was almost disappointed.

Nevertheless, I was satisfied to see Manila and Filipino actors in a Hollywood movie. Except that one lady who found Rachel with his daughter and just shouted hysterically. For me, that was so corny and overacted.

Should You Watch Bourne Legacy?

For me, you may watch it. But not in IMAX or other expensive type of theaters. Just watch it in an ordinary cinema and it would suffice. Watch it for Manila it for the crowded streets and traffic jams of it because, it is possible that your viewpoint will be different from mine.
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