Domestic Flight Tip: Arrive At Least 45 Minutes Before Your Fly Time

I've been flying domestic flights for about five years now since I started working in Cebu. Through the years, I have witnessed the growth of the number of travelers and the changes in policies of local airlines. For instance, before the second half of 2010, you can still bring your umbrellas with you inside the cabin. But, sometime on the on the second half of that year, things changed: you are now required to check-in your umbrellas.

In my opinion, in some if not most, of the changes, people are not well informed. So they usually find themselves arguing with the ground personnel. But in most of my experience, the airline companies is less considerate when it comes to making exceptions. For example, because of the "umbrella" policy change, my friend was forced to leave hers at the airport just to make it to the plane. In some cases, people paid extra baggage just to check-in their umbrellas.

But to be fair to the local airlines, they are now more considerate than before. For instance, Cebu Pacific already offers to check-in your umbrellas for free.

Check-in time for a domestic flight

One of the travel experiences that will surely spoil your day is not being allowed to board the plane. Well, there are a several possible reasons for this and the decision is usually case-to-case basis. But, I guess the most common reason is: failure to check-in on time. Remember, when you purchased your ticket, you have agreed with the following terms (taken from Cebu Pacific but was similar to other airlines):
Clause 10 - Check-in and Boarding
10.1 Check-in
10.1.1 Check-in counters open two hours before departure.
10.1.2 The Airline may refuse to check-in a Passenger and proceed to cancel that Passenger's confirmed reservation for release to waitlisted passengers if the Passenger fails to show up at the check-in counters at least forty-five minutes before the scheduled departure time of his flight.

It is an industry practice to overbook the flight. Also, there are these so called "chance passengers" who are in the waiting list. If you won't make it to the check-in counter 45 mins before your domestic  flight (2 hours for international flights), then, consider your ticket forfeited.

Cebu Pacific domestic flight

Only one hand-carried baggage allowed

Please take note too that the airlines doesn't allow you to use both hands for hand carried items. This is for safety reasons. Failure to comply to this rule will cause your refusal for boarding.

The best way to avoid inconveniences during your travel is preparation. Preparation involves getting knowledge about the things you should remember when traveling. It takes time and effort to prepare though, but the benefits outweighs the effort spent.
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