Lost Money in Unionbank Philippines Online Account?

Early this morning, my office mate approached me and asked the contact number of Unionbank. The reason is that he apparently lost some 75% of his money! That's troubling indeed. He found it out after he checked his balance using Unionbank's online facility. I referred him to the domestic toll free hotline of Unionbank Philppines. It can be seen at the back of the ATM card.

unionbank online
Unionbank  Philippines Online Facility

Hacked Unionbank Account?

I also checked my account and to my surprise, it was also reduced by almost the same percentage. I was troubled and began to wonder if the company's network has been compromised.

I tried to contact UnionBank hotline but the call was denied due to heavy traffic (as shown in my phone). Gladly though, after a minute or two, my office mate was able to contact them.

Unionbank Online Facility Under Maintenance

The online teller told us of the possible root-cause of the apparent loss of money. At that time, there's a system maintenance on their online facility. She advised us to wait for another 30 minutes and call her again.

After 30 minutes, we checked our accounts and it was back to its true balance. We were relieved.

Online Security Tips

The need for awareness about online threats is critical now more than ever. The hacking incidents victimized not just individuals but governments, institutions, and private companies. Although absolute security is impossible, we can at least minimize the risk. Here are some simple security tips:

1. Do not respond to emails that ask for your PIN or Password. Hackers may pretend to be genuine companies by using logos and email addresses similar to the true ones. But remember, banks and companies do not use email to collect those information.

2. Use strong P@a$w0rDs. Password that are at least 8 characters and is a combination of Lowercase, Uppercase, Special characters, and numbers are harder to crack. Also, use different password in different accounts. Lastly, replace passwords at least every 2 months.

3. Do not transact on websites that has poor or unknown reputation. Always look for "https" (s means secured) in the URL or website address. The s in "https" means that the connection is encrypted and is harder to intercept and decipher.

"https", s means secured or encrypted

4. Make sure your computer has an updated antivirus protection. There are many free and yet good antivirus available.

5. Beware of public internet cafes and WiFi hot spots. They can use devices and software that can record your keyboard strokes.

6. Be vigilant. If your think your account has been compromised, immediately contact proper authorities such as your bank.


  1. Thanks for making people aware about such a significant incident. Here I wish to share about some other type of missing money. Missing money always do not mean the money which was lost but unclaimed and that can be restore through proper search.

    1. I am now encountering a problem .
      I sent money 4000 pesos in Paymaya but didn't received.
      I tried to send again 20 pesos and quickly transferred.
      There is no reliable CS to contact.
      I don't know what to do right now.

  2. Last night I upload the unionbank app on my mobile phone.i successfully registered and check my account.this morning when I try to log in.the OTP to be send in my phone is no longer my last digit mobile number.i cannot login at it seems my account is hacked.please help.


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