Avatar: 6th Week on Top and Bound to Overtake Titanic!

James Cameron’s latest blockbuster creation, Avatar is still the number one movie in the US box office on its sixth week after its worldwide opening last December 18, 1009. The movie earned $36 million, a small drop from its previous week’s earning, $41 million. It already grossed an accumulated earning of $553 Million in the United States beating Dark Knight’s record of 533 Million placing the film on the second spot of all-time highest grossing film in the country (Titanic is in a close distance at $601 Million).

On the Way to Sinking the Titanic Record

It seems that Titanic, the world’s highest grossing film of all time, and also the last film made by Cameron is bound to sink again! Avatar’s record is looming to overtake the 1997 blockbuster. News Corp division and producer of Avatar, 20th Century Fox estimates that the epic 3D blockbuster has already grossed a stunning $1.841 billion worldwide, very close to Titanic’s record of 1.85 Million.

It is also quite reasonable to expect Avatar to surpass Titanic’s record because Avatar is only on its 6th week of release while Titanic earned the $1.85 Million after a very long 10-month period.

Avatar started quite big but not record breaking last December 2009. Aside from more expensive 3D tickets, movie experts saw the positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations as the factors that propelled the movie to a great earning performance. Also, Avatar took advantage of the web to spread the buzz about it. It uses numerous social networking channels to facilitate advertisements. It seems right to conclude that Avatar’s work and investments really paid off.

First $2-Billion Movie?

Many movie analysts today are predicting that Avatar will be the first movie to surpass the $2-Billion mark. The upcoming Oscar Awards can be an additional fuel to further boost the movie.

Whether it will reach the $2 Billion mark Avatar already raised the performance bar of what movies can be. It is indeed a revolutionary film.


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