The Avatar Experience!

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James Cameron is a genius! Avatar is probably one of the greatest movies of all time. A typical story but presented in a captivating manner. It is a story about imperialism with the main character changing his principles and fighting for the people he once ought to fight. It’s like Disney’s Pocahontas.

With the combined power of technology and superb direction, you will be taken out of Earth and enter the world of Pandora. The green lushes of rainforest, the floating mountains, the bioluminescent fauna and flora, and the Na’vi people that live in harmony with nature.

What I like most in the story is that it touches the viewer’s hearts and makes us feel what the characters felt. It also made us humans, guilty of what we are doing with our environment. We keep on doing our selfish deeds and ends up destroying our nature. The Na’vi people are the example to imitate.

Interesting Reactions

In an article entitled “Avatar Blues”, CNN reported that there are people that experienced some sort of depression after watching the film. Some fans find it hard to escape the world of Pandora and even want to be one of the Na’vi. Others even tried to commit suicide in order to be reborn as a Navi.

Funny as it can be but these reactions proved that the movie is not just a typical one. It leaves something in our hearts and mind. It’s not like a movie that will entertain you for two hours and then forget afterwards. It’s the type of movie that will make you think and will keep you thinking.

The Hard Work Paid Off

Only after 19 days from its release, Avatar became the quickest film to surpass the 1 Billion USD mark. At the moment of writing this article, the film already grossed over 1.3 billion USD, overtaking 2004 blockbuster Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and making it second to another Cameron film, Titanic. If Avatar will overtake Titanic’s record, no one can be sure. The film is still the box office number one for four consecutive weeks now. I even saw people who watched the movie more than once. Yes, even though it is more than two hours in length, longer than the typical length of film, no single moment is boring. The movie is an amalgam of action, romance, science, and fun.

If you haven’t watched Avatar, then it’s time to watch it or you will miss an opportunity to see revolutionary film in the big screen!


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