Hiking Mt. Babag 2: The Steep Trail, Roble Family, RCPI Towers

The two hours of walk from Brgy. Napo (see Part 1) led us to a creek. This is the point where we have to choose which trail to take: the "long and easy" or the "short but steep" one. In our first attempt to climb Mount Babag, we chose the short and steep trail. And indeed, it proved to be a difficult, uphill climb.

Crossing the creek, we turned right to a somewhat hidden trail (the obvious trail is on the left direction which is the "long and easy" one). It led us to a small house where we asked direction. They will pointed us to climb the rose plantation: a 60-degree steep rose fields. That is the beginning of a continuous, extremely steep slope that we have to climb. Our only chance of rest are the small flat portions with tree shades.

Green lushes at Mt. Babag in Cebu

Roble Family - A Hospitable Family along the Trail to RCPI

For about an hour or two of straight climb, we reached the house of Roble family. They have benches and tables which they freely offer to hikers. They also offered us fresh coconut juice and said that we could eat our lunch there. We refused both offers because we need to reach the top as soon as possible to be able to come back to the city before it gets dark.

At the Roble house, you can view the city on one side and you can see the RCPI tower on the other side. We asked Mrs. Roble how long it would still take to reach the peak. She said it would be about a little more than 30 minutes. After about 20 minutes of rest, we picked our backpacks and continued climbing.

Reaching the Peak of Mount Babag At Last

The trail after Roble's place is alternately of uphill and downhill. It is somewhat dangerous because of the unpredictable terrain. Especially on the last 20 minutes before reaching the peak, we find ourselves in the hillside. There are no trees, just bushes and grasses. If we are not careful, it would either be a serious injury or a pummeled body that will result if we fall. Gladly though, all of us were able to make it safe.

The trail ended at a small hut. At that point, we can already feel the drop of temperature and the haze of fog covering the hills below is already visible. We can feel that the peak is near.

Caution: There's a spring along the way. Some say that the water is safe but others warned against drinking it. My advise is "it's better to be safe than to be sorry", so don't drink.
The trail is stiff and unpredictable.
The steep trail to Mount Babag peak

We left the hut and climbed a little more to another house. The family there welcomed us with their smiles and allowed us to take a rest in their benches. After about 30 minutes, we proceeded to walk to the RCPI towers, the peak of Mount Babag that we've been longing to reach.

A view at the peak.

Looking for place to eat!

According to other hikers, we can ask permission from the caretaker of the small club house located near the RCPI towers to eat there. The place is the highest point of Mount Babag where you can experience 360-degree view of Cebu City. At that time though, there's already another group that is using it so we didn't bother to go there.

After so much picture taking, we left RCPI and walked towards the nearest store. After a few minutes, we arrived in a series of houses where we borrowed a bench and a table and ate our lunch. We realized that it was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Wow! We have been walking for the past 6 hours.

The RCPI Towers at the Peak

I didn't feel the hunger until we arrived at the peak. And during our lunch, everything tasted great, even simple foods. We'll I guess, we are just hungry. :-)

Walking Down to the Mountain View Nature Park

We rested for about 30 minutes and proceeded to walk again. This time though, we are about to walk on a paved road towards Mountain View Nature Park in Busay. And after more than an hour of walk, we reached it. From there, we ride a jeep (04H) going down to Lahug. That ended our climb to Mount Babag.

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