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Tigerair Offers Zero Fare

Looking for cheap fares these upcoming months of September to December? If so, check this out.

Low-cost airline Tigerair announces a Zero Fare promo on all domestic and selected international destinations. The travel period is from September 1 to December 15, 2013. Promo period is from August 14 to 16 subject to seat availability.

For more details about specific destinations as well as number of available seats, please check this link.

How Much is the Total Cost?

Zero fare doesn't mean that you will pay zero. Zero Fare refers to the base fare only. Aside from that there are other items that needs to be paid like Fuel Surcharge.

Fuel surcharge varies depending on the route. For example, Manila - Cebu flights' surcharge is 300 Pesos. Fuel surcharges were allowed by the Civil Aviation Board (CAB) to help airlines recover their losses from the increase of jet fuel price in the world market.

In addition to fuel surcharge, Tigerair and other airlines also collects booking fee (including taxes) which amounts to 120 pesos.

Lastly, depending on the airport terminal, Tigerair and other airlines collects the terminal fee. For Cebu, Davao, Clark and NAIA airport terminals, the fee for domestic flight is 200 Pesos per outbound flight. For international flights, it is 550 Pesos.

If you decide to check-in some baggage, you also need to pay that based on the total weight and size.

As an example, my flight, Manila to Cebu costs only 620 Pesos, without baggage. The breakdown is shown below:

Base Fare: 0 Peso
Fuel Surcharge: 300 Pesos
Booking Fee (incl. taxes): 120 Pesos
Terminal Fee (one-way): 200 Pesos
Total: 620 Pesos

Fair enough? I think so.

About Tigerair?

Tigerair is the rebranded Tiger Airways.  Tigerair is a Singapore-based low-cost airline company.  In the Philippines, their official launch was last month, July. But their local presence was already felt more than a year ago when they bought 40% stake of Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR). After the deal, all SEAIR local flights can already be booked via Tigerair.

As a common strategy for low-cost airlines, Tigerair is always announcing low-fare promotions. The latest one is today's Zero Fare.

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