It Seems Like Tigerair is Not Ready to Run

Last month, Singaporean-brand low-cost airline Tigerair made its debut in the Philippines. Although their presence is already felt a few months before that (because local airline company SEAIR is marketing them), their full entry was set last month.

The complete takeover of SEAIR by Tigerair is accompanied by a worldwide rebranding. As you remember, they are used to be called Tiger Airways. Now, they are Tigerair. The rebranding, according to them, represents their belief that travel should be about great experiences and memories and they want to contribute to that end.

Well, I had the opportunity to fly with Tigerair just a month after the anticipated launch. What can I say? For me it seems that they are not prepared.

2 Hours Delay Due to Aircraft Situation

I booked a flight from Cebu to Manila Cebu as well as Manila Puerto Princesa Manila. Those round trip tickets were purchased last January. They are promo fares so I was ale to buy them at a very low cost. Unfortunately, last May, I received a notification that my flight to Puerto Princesa was moved (not delayed) from 6:30 PM to 10:30 AM. Well, I had no choice but to cancel the flight and refund the ticket because it will ruin not just my schedule but also that of my company waiting for me in Manila.

I decided to pursue my Cebu -Manila - Cebu flight though. But here's another trouble. Upon arriving in Cebu -Mactan airport, I was informed that my flight would be delayed around 2 hours due to "aircraft situation". I asked the lady in Tigerair's counter and dug for more details. She disclosed to me that the aircraft that we are supposed to use will be replaced with another one. My question is, why? I didn't dug further. Thankfully though, in spite of the delay, I eventually arrived in Manila safely.

3.5 Hours Delay Due to Delay of Aircraft

To my disappointment, my return flight was no different. I had to endure more than three hours of delay. The reason? Delay of arrival of our aircraft. But after what seems to be a sincere apology from the staff, I accepted the situation. Anyway, I have no other option.

What does it tell me about Tigerair?

"Delay" and "aircraft situation" - those are the words that I now connect with Tigerair service. Well, it's not as worse as that of Zest Air. But these delays seems to indicate that Tigerair is not prepared to serve its customers. Yes, they offer crazy low fares, but aside from that, customers need an assurance that they are capable of keeping their commitments.

But overall, I still like the fact that Tigerair is here in the Philippines. Their presence will inevitably increase competition among local operators which will lead to better services and competitive prices. I think I have to excuse them because of the fact that they are at the starting stage in the Philippine aviation. I am looking forward though for improvements.

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