Introducing Technology News in Blogged Philippines

Dear valued readers,

I started blogging in summer of 2009. Back then, this blog was more of a personal blog about all the ideas that I have in mind. I wrote about my interests such as movies music, books, food money and travel. The name of this blog back then was Ideas Digest and I have a subdomain using Google’s Blogspot.

Late that year, this blog started to focus on travel and flight information. Then I ventured into government news. I found it very noble to help disseminate information on such things as holiday announcement, class suspensions and the like.

This blog has grown dramatically since its humble beginning. From a free domain,, now it has its own domain name, The traffic has grown as well. Now, this blog will move further into reaching its goal: to be a one-stop source of interesting information to all Filipinos (and others as well). Now, I’m glad to introduce, Technology News Philippines. 

Starting this month, this blog will slowly feature technology news and information. The goal of which is to increase awareness of Filipinos to the benefits of using technology in their everyday lives.

I hope the readers of this blog, who has diverse interests, appreciate this new addition. I will continue to make changes to improve my reader’s experience. You can help me on that by commenting or sending me an email at


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