Grab Car 6-Seater Service Arrives in Cebu!

Grab announces the arrival of Grab Car 6-Seater service in Cebu! Previously only available in Metro Manila, today, the service expands its coverage to Cebu. And as indicated by its name, this service is good for up to a maximum of six passengers.  Of course, this would be a little bit more expensive than the regular Grab Car service. Please see the table below to see how does it compare with other grab services.

Grab Taxi

Grab Car
Grab Car 6-Seater
Booking Fee

Flag Down Rate
Base Fare
Waiting time (Per 90 sec)
Per Minute
Succeeding KM
Per Km
- Rates in Pesos. 
- Except for Grab Taxi, rates changes depending on demand (e.g. heavy traffic or rush hour)

The service is now available on all Grab apps. Once it detected that you're in Cebu, the feature will appear as an additional option alongside Grab Taxi and Grab Car. (see image above)

FAQs Answered

Grab also released a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers. Here are some of them:
  • Can I use Grab Car 6-Seater not for other persons but for things? The answer is "yes" but depends on the driver's discretion. You must use the "notes" feature to let the driver know beforehand what things you'll be bringing. Needless to say, it must fit the vehicle.
  • Are infants counted as one seat? The answer is "yes"
For more information, head to

Uber is Yet to Catch Up

Grab's main competitor Uber is yet to catch up when it comes to expansion of service. Currently, only the economical Uber X is available in Cebu. And they just recently launched the 6-seater service in Metro Manila in the middle of this year. It is yet to be seen if Uber will eventually serve the market of Cebu and other major cities of the Philippines outside Metro Manila with their other services.

The demand for ride sharing devices has been booming in Cebu as we see a significant increase in vehicles and the increasingly painful traffic congestion. While it's still far from the traffic of Metro Manila, Cebu has been steadily catching up. Last year, traffic outsmarting app Waze tagged Cebu as the worst city to drive at.

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