Day Tour Bohol Part 1: Tubigon Port, Sagbayan Peak and Chocolate Hills

It's been my second time going to Bohol, but I still find it surprisingly exciting. Here's the first part of the story:

From Cebu to Tubigon Port, Bohol

My friends from Manila visited in Cebu and after a couple of days touring in the city, we decided to go to Bohol before they go back home. We decided to have a one-day tour, renting a tourist van to accommodate the five of us. The price of the van is 3500 pesos for a day tour from 7AM to 5PM.

We left Cebu very early in the morning to be able to catch the first trip to Tubigon port riding a MV Star Crafts vessel. MV Star Crafts is a shipping line company catering the Cebu to Tubigon route. The first trip of Star Crafts is 5:45 AM. Before that time, you should have already purchased a ticket from their ticketing office just outside the gate of Cebu Pier 1 or else you will have to wait for the next trip which is at 7AM. If you will have a day tour, you should go for a 5:45 AM trip or else the time won't be enough to finish all the destinations.
starcrafts bohol tubigon
MV Starcraft Fast Crafts to Tubigon

Breakfast "Exacto ni Ate Jo" Eatery
Since we already reserved a van a day before the tour, our driver is already waiting for us in the Tubigon port when we arrived there at around 6:30 AM. We ride the bus towards our first destination - a small eatery (local: Carinderia) near the port. Since we left very early, we didn't had the chance to eat our breakfast in Cebu so by that time we are all longing for food.

The good thing about that eatery is that they sell really fresh cooked Filipino dishes such as stewed fish (Local: Tinola), Menudo (chopped pork mixed with tomato sauce, carrots and potatoes), and Adobo or Humba (Pork cooked in Soy Sauce). They also serve coffee which is very good for my breakfast.

Sagbayan Peak

Our first destination is Sagbayan Peak. It took us about 20 minutes to get there coming from Tubigon Port. Sagbayan Peak is a park located in the hilly region of the town of Sagbayan, Bohol. What can you get from Sagbayan? We'll here's a small list:

1. A view of Chocolate Hills but not as dense as that in the town of Carmen.
2. A well landscaped hilly park.
3. Butterfly garden
4. Tarsiers
5. Souvenirs

Note: Entrance Fee in Sagbayan Peak is 30 pesos per head.

Here's some images.

sagbayan peak 1

sagbayan peak 2

sagbayan peak 3

sagbayan peak 4

After spending almost an hour there, we left Sagbayan to go to our next stop: Chocolate Hills in Carmen.

Chocolate Hills - a Natural Wonder

Probably the most exciting part of the Day Tour is the one in the town of Carmen, where the densest concentration of Chocolate Hills can be viewed. To be able to have the overlooking view of the popular hills of Bohol, you have to climb one of them. The van can take you half way where a small station is located. But to view the entirety of the scenery, you have to climb up a man-made stair that will take you to the peak of the hill.

It could be very tiring for some but when you reach the top all your tiredness will vaporize because of the panoramic view of the densely collected smoothly shaped hills.

Chocolate hills carmen bohol
The Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol

So what else can you do in on the top of the hill?

1. Jump Shot.
You can make a trick that will make you appear flying over the hills. If you want to have a really nice shot, you can pay for the photographer to do it for you. The price starts at 50 pesos for a pocket size print out. If you already purchased one you can ask the photographers to shoot a similar picture using your own device.

Jump Shot over the Chocolate Hills

2. Wishing Well
There's a wishing well on top where you can drop a coin for a wish.

3. Souvenirs
At the station, you can buy several souvenir items such as bags and shirts will Bohol figures on it.

Note: Entrance fee to Chocolate Hills is 50 pesos per head. (as of June 2013).


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  1. [...] Day Tour Bohol Part 1: Tubigon Port, Sagbayan Peak and Chocolate Hills ( [...]

  2. hi my name is fatima you can contact me with landline im working in starcraft this is the contact number 5205212 cell no. 09223810116 for the shedule o

  3. hi, do u still have contact number to your Bohol Tourist Driver? Please let me know thanks.

  4. 09176318699 - Number of Dindo, owner of the tourist bus. Please request Mr. Venancio, he's a very good driver.

    contact number 09067896363/09435847316 look for Fatima
    Cebu to Tubigon Bohol Ferry Boat Schedule . The fare from Tubigon to Cebu and vice versa is Peso 200.00 (Economy), Peso 220.00 (Tourist class), Peso 280.00 (Business class).
    Trip Nr. Frequency From Departure To Arrival
    1 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 05:45 Tubigon 06:45
    2 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 07:00 Tubigon 08:00
    3 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 08:30 Tubigon 09:30
    4 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 10:30 Tubigon 11:30
    5 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 12:30 Tubigon 13:30
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    8 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 17:30 Tubigon 18:30
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    2 Daily Tubigon 08:30 Cebu 09:30
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    7 Daily Tubigon 17:45 Cebu 18:45
    8 Daily Tubigon 19:45 Cebu 20:45
    Cebu to Jetafe, Bohol ferry schedule
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    3:30 pm
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