3 Ways To Have Your Annual Credit Card Fee Waived

As a maintenance fee for your card, Credit Card companies will charge you an annual fee. Depending on the card that you have, it can range from few hundreds to a few thousands. But did you know that there are ways to have your credit card annual fees waived? Here are some situations in which you can legitimately request for it.

credit card annual fee
Credit Card companies charge an annual fee for the upkeep of your account.

You've spent a lot during the past year. 

When you see your latest statement and you notice that you are charged with an annual fee, do not pay immediately. Call them and ask how to have it waived. This is especially acceptable if you've spent a lot in the past year.

Depending on the amount and the credit card company, you can have 50% off your annual fee or have it totally waived if you met the spending requirement. The key here is, ask for it.

You are planning to spend a big amount soon.

Most credit card companies will require you to spend a minimum amount for the next 30 days or so before they waive your annual fee. But of course, they won't let you know that unless you specifically ask for it. The amount varies. In my experience, I was asked to spend at least 10000 Pesos in the next 30 days before my 2500 Pesos annual fee is waived.

You are willing to cut your card.

This is silly but it usually works. If you're willing to lose your card or if it's dormant, meaning you're not using it that often, you can actually request for your card to be cut. They will ask why you want to cut the card. If they do (and they definitely would ask you), just say that you are not willing to pay the annual fee because you never use it or don't use it often. Most credit card company will allow your annual fees to be waived than to lose your account.

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