Day Tour Bohol Part 2: Ship House, Man-made Forest and Hanging Bridge

This is the second part of my Bohol Day Tour last August 2011.

Bohol Ship Haus

After the fun at the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, we are bound to visit the Man-made Forest. But along the way, we our driver told us to try the new spot in Bohol, the Ship Haus. As you may have already thought, ship house is a house resembles a ship where sailors work. It was owned by Capt. Gaundencio Dumapias, a native of Bohol who was once a poor boy and later become a successful sailor.

The Ship Haus features the equipment inside the ship, the room of the Captain, Chief Mate, etc. The roof deck of the Ship house resembles the front of the ship where you can "pretend" to see the endless sea in your view.
The entrance fee to the Ship Haus is 30 pesos per head. You can also buy souvenir items inside for considerable prices.
shiphaus bohol

Man-made Forest

The Man-made Forest is a densely planted Mahogany forest located in the border of the towns of Loboc and Bilar. Actaully, the only thing you can do at the Man-made Forest is picture taking (jump shot :-)). There's no entrance fee.

man-made forest bohol

Hanging Bridge in Loboc River

We didn't spend much time at the Man-made Forest. After a few pictures were taken, we decided to go to our last destination for the morning: the Hanging Bridge in Loboc River.

The Hanging Bridge is composed of two foot bridges made of cable wires and bamboo. It hangs across Loboc River at approximately 25 meters above the river water. At the other side of the river lies the Sevilla Souvenir Shop where you can buy cheap souvenirs such as T-Shirt marked with Bohol icons.

Note: Entrance Fee to the Hanging Bridge is 10 Pesos per head.

Here are some pictures:
hanging bridge bohol

sevilla souvenir shop
Sevilla Souvenir Shop

Trivia: The cheapest souvenirs we bought came from the Sevilla Souvenir Shop.

After buying all the souvenirs we want, we decided to go to one of the most exciting part of the tour: the Loboc River Floating Buffet Restaurant. That along with the activities that followed will be featured on the third and the final part of our Day Tour Bohol series.

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