Whale Shark Watching: A Trip to Oslob, Cebu

The sun is still about to rise when we arrived in Barangay Tan-awan, Oslob, Southern Cebu. It was 5:30AM. In the recent years, the whale sharks of Oslob Cebu have become popular to both local and foreign tourists.

feeding whale shark

We thought that we are too early but upon arrival, we found out that there's another group who came before us. A friend volunteered his car to accommodate me, him and three others. We just agreed about the trip last evening. The decision was swift.

We knew from blogs that it would be best to be there early because of the long lines of tourists excited to mingle with these "sea monsters". So we left the city at around 3:30 AM. Still dark, no heavy traffic, almost no vehicles on the road, the travel was fast.

One could also go to Oslob by riding public bus from the South Bus Terminal. Just look for the signboard "Oslob". The fare is less than 200 Pesos.

Registration, Orientation, Payment

The first step to take is to register. After that, all visitors are required to have an orientation. From there, we learned the following rules.

  • No touching of whale sharks

  • Maintain 4m meters of distance from the creature

  • Only 30 minutes are allowed for each batch

  • Violation of the first two will result in either penalty or imprisonment or both

After the orientation, we paid the fees. Here are the prices.

For locals:
  • Watching from boat - 300 Pesos

  • snorkeling - 500 Pesos

  • Diving - 500 Pesos

For foreigners
  • Watching from the boat 600 Pesos

  • Snorkeling 1000 Pesos

  • Diving 1500 Pesos

After paying everything, we were taken by the small boat to where the whale sharks were. It was just a few meters from the shore.

Whale Watching Experience

It was fascinating. Seeing those humongous sea creatures at close is a great experience. I'm a nature lover but even those who are not would likely appreciate this.

Here are some photos. Please click on each to expand the view.

sunrise oslob

orientation whale watching oslob

whale shark oslob cebu
a tourist swimming with a whale shark

open mouth whale shark
close up with a whale shark

whale shark, oslob
Approaching Whale Shark

oslob whale shark

whale shark oslob
A whale shark under the boat raft

fisherman feeding a whale shark
A Fisherman feeding the whale sharks.

After the whale watching, we did other activities such as island hopping and we visited the Tumalog Falls, all in Oslob. Watch out for the next articles.

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