A Trip To Iloilo - Batchoy, Butterscotch, Biscocho

I have been to Iloilo twice already, well, three times if you count the first time when I went to Boracay. But during that time we did not go to Iloilo proper so I'm not going to count that as a full-pledged visit :-)

Pasalubong (Butterscotch, Biscocho and Piyaya)

Salcedo Market 5th Birthday
Piyaya (Photo credit: Rock Portrait Photography)
Anyway, the first time I went to IloIlo, I took the plane and I only stayed there for a couple of days. Not very exciting so not much to tell except that during that time, we went to Robinsons where a Pasalubong Center is located and bought lots of pasalubong (presents) there. We bought Biscocho, Butterscotch and Piyaya all branded Bong Bong's and lots of other candies and pastilles that can be found there. Actually, as far as pasalubong is concerned, the first three food I have mentioned is native to Iloilo. Iloilo is famous for butterscoth the most. Whenever I think of Iloilo, my mouth starts to water for their butterscotch. Yes, that is how much I like butterscotch.

La Paz Batchoy

English: Bowl of La Paz Batchoy
English: Bowl of La Paz Batchoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After buying pasalubong, we went to the original La Paz Batchoy restaurant. La Paz Batchoy is one of the foods which Ilo Ilo is famous for. La Paz Batchoy is a noodle soup that has chicharon and egg as toppings. You should try it when you go to Iloilo.

After shopping for  pasalubong and eating La Paz Batchoy, our group went to look for a Karaoke Bar. Sad to say, we walked a long distance and yet we did not find any Karaoke Bar with a private singing room. I do not think, Karaoke bars are common in IloIlo. However, we found a Karaoke bar where, if you would sing a song in the Karaoke, all customers will get to hear you sing. And sing we did.

We finished  at the Karaoke bar a little bit late and then went back to our accommodation because the next day was our flight back to Cebu.

Next time, I will talk about my second trip to IloIlo. It is a more exciting experience!

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