Boracay Land Activities: DMall, ATV, Nightlife

Traveling to Boracay this summer? Here are some activities you can add on top of the beautiful beach experience.

Boracay ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

If you do not want to get wet and still want to have fun, there are also activities you can do in Boracay. There is the ATV ride. You can rent the vehicle for 1 hour at 3500-4000 pesos. There will be a guide that can take you  sight seeing around the island of Boracay using the ATV. The beach is not the only interesting part of the island. Within the island, there are other sights to see and the guides will take you to see those sights.

Wall Climbing at D'Mall

Believe it or not, Boracay has a small wall climbing facility at D'Mall. It is very hard to miss as it is located along the pathway of D'mall and is an open space wall climbing facility. The price is not too expensive. The last time we went there, the price is just 50 pesos per climb and there are three levels you can try to climb from beginner to expert.

dmall boracay
D'mall in Boracay

Massage, sunbathing, strolling

Along the coast of Boracay, you can find massage shops that offers from hand and foot massages to full body massages with price ranging from 350-500 pesos. The shops are open space but you will be protected from prying eyes by curtains that surround the bed where you will lie down should you opt to have a full body massage. If you prefer to, you can even have a massage along the shore.

Sunbathing is another activity you might want to do along the shores of Boracay. A lot of foreigners enjoy getting a natural tan under the sun while sunbathing along the shores of Boracay. And Hey, it's free...
boracay white beach

Strolling is also a good way to pass your time when in Boracay as there are plenty of things to see there. From small shops that sell souvenirs, to massage shops and restaurants, to Tattoo parlors that offers Henna Tattoo, the non permanent tattoo. A sight to behold along the shores of Boracay are the sand castles that are built along the pathway of Boracay that can be found on Station 1 and 2. The sandcastles are really beautiful and has an amazing intricate design. You can take pictures beside or inside the sandcastles as long as you are careful, for a small fee or donation.

Nightlife in Boracay

Nighttime is never boring in Boracay. Even during the evenings until late in the night, The shores of Boracay is alive and teeming with life, with colorful lights decorating the establishments lining the coast of Boracay. Restaurants turn into Bars that offers a variety of cocktails and drinks and good music. During weekends, Fire Dances and Live band performances are held in Station 1 and 2.
night life in boracay
boracay fire dancers
Boracay Fire Dancers. One of the main attractions in Boracay aside from the beach.

Surely, from morning till night, there is a lot of things you can do in Boracay.

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