Hotel Review: Go Hotels - Iloilo

This is just an informal review of my stay there in Go Hotels Iloilo. To provide a short summary of my stay, here's the five categories I used to judge the hotel.

Location: Excellent
Cleanliness: Acceptable
Amenities: Superior
Value for Money: Excellent
Service Quality: Superior
Will I Recommend to Others? Definitely

Here are the details.

Location - Excellent!

Located at the heart of Iloilo City Proper and technically part of Robinson's Mall building, Go Hotels is in perfect location to have the convenience of having nearby stores, restaurants, access to public transportation.

Cleanliness - Acceptable

Not sure if this true to all other rooms but I can clearly see the stains in the bed. Not sure what those are but it made the impression that the bed covers were not properly washed or if it was washed at all. With stains so visible in the deceptive yellow-light, it could be more pronounced if the bed covers were brought to white light.

But aside from that, it smelled okay, and felt okay. The toilet was well-cleaned and the mirrors are as shiny as possible. 

Amenities - Superior

With towels, free shampoo and soap, AC, and TV given the price of our stay, Go Hotels provided an unmatched freebies to its guests.

One thing I didn't like though is the slow internet connection via WiFi. But anyhow, what can we expect for the price we paid?

Value For Money - Excellent!

I paid just 770 Pesos for my stay. That about 17 USD.  And that's a twin bedroom. I had two other companions inside. One brought his comforter because there's no extra bed. So that's less than 260 Pesos per person per night!

Service Quality- Superior

Aside from the "unfriendly" staff in the reception, my overall experience from booking to check-out was good enough. 

go hotels iloilo lobby
At the lobby of Go Hotels - Iloilo

Will I recommend Go Hotels for those who are on a tight budged going to Iloilo? DEFINITELY!

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