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A Visit to Davao - All About Durian

My second trip to Davao was not as long as my first one. But I was able to have a good time during that trip too. During that time, we did not stay at an acquaintance's house but in St. Camillus Dormitel located inside the Davao Doctor's Hospital Compound. The Dorm is quite nice because it is clean and it is not very expensive. The price is 200 to 250 pesos per person per night. The rooms are air conditioned and although the bathroom is shared, you do not have to wait for your turn because there are plenty of bathrooms and the water supply is plenty.

My second visit to Davao was the time when I acquired the taste for Durian. It was September 2010, a Durian season so the fruit was very cheap, around 20-30 pesos per kilo. There was one night during my stay there where we went to a Coffee shop that serves Durian fruit and Durian flavored Coffee and drinks.

durian fruit davao
The Durian Fruit from Davao. Taste Like heaven but tastes like H*ll , they say. :-)

Loving the Durian Taste (and Aroma?)

At first, I did not really like it. Then I found out that there are many different kinds of Durian and the taste of each kind differs from one another.

I acquired the taste of Durian when we went to a friends place one night. Because she found out that we are there, she invited us to visit her house. True to Davao's reputation as the Philippines' fruit basket, my friend prepared different fruits including mangosteen, rambutan and of course, Durian. The Durian they gave us is very delicious and it is the first time i ate a lot of Durian. Some of my friends who really did not like durian, also enjoyed eating the Durian they served us.

From Davao Going Back to Cebu

We went back to the dorm quite late and the next day, me and a friend were invited to go on a trip to another island in Davao called "Samal" while the others prepared to go back to Cebu on that same day (I will tell you about that trip on another post). The day after that was our flight back to Cebu but since it was still in the afternoon me and my friend decided to go around Davao and buy some pasalubong (presents). We went to Lola Ebon's where she first tasted Durian Ice cream and although she did not like Durian fruit, she loved the ice cream. That is how she acquired the taste for Durian.

After buying pasalubong, we went to the market where we could buy cheap Durian and ask the vendor to take it out of its skin. That is where I made her try the Durian fruit again and that is when she started liking it.  After buying Durian at the market, we went to the mall and bought some things then we went back to our dorm to pack the Durian we bought in microwaveable containers and seal it with packaging tape so it won't smell in the airplane. I liked the Durian so much that I ate some of the Durian I bought intended as a pasalubong and my friend liked it so much that she ended up eating most of the Durian she took back home to Cebu for her brother. And now, while talking about Durian, my mouth is watering. I miss Durian. I hope I get to eat it again the next time I visit Davao. :)
Updated: June 9, 2015
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